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Turken (Naked Neck)

Baby: Hatch with bare necks and are easily identified, although can be multi-colored.

Mature: Is all chicken but is unique because of its turkey-like bare neck. Red with white in neck and black in tail feathers. Upright comb with five evenly serrated points. Stand cold very well. Very good brown egg layer. Good for eating. Hens are good setters.

Were developed in Eastern Europe which gave them the name "Transylvanian Naked Necks".

Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Chicks

You may order a minimum of 5 of each breed/sex of egg layers to reach the 25 chick minimum.

Available Year Round - With Free Shipping to the Contiguous United States

Day Old - Shipped Straight from the Hatchery to your local Post Office

Straight Run $3.99 each - Pullets $4.49 each - Cockerels  $3.49 each

25 Straight Run Turken (Naked Neck) / Free Shipping $99.75 

25 Pullet Turken (Naked Neck)  / Free Shipping $112.25 

25 Cockerel Turken (Naked Neck) / Free Shipping $87.25

25 Straight Run Turken (Naked Neck) / Free Shipping / Marek Immunization $106.00 

25 Pullet Turken (Naked Neck) / Free Shipping / Marek Immunization $118.50

25 Cockerel Turken (Naked Neck) / Free Shipping / Marek Immunization $93.50