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Giant White Pekin Ducklings

Baby: yellow in color with an orange beak and feet.

Mature: Male and female are creamy white in color with yellow skin and are very large breasted. Their fine meat quality and egg laying ability make them the most popular. Easiest domestic duck to pick. Lays a white egg and can lay up to 160 eggs per season.

Weight: 8-9 lbs. at 12-15 weeks.

Minimum Order Quantity: 15 Ducklings

You may order a minimum of 5 of each breed to reach the 15 ducklings minimum.

Available February - November / With Free Shipping to the Contiguous United States

Day Old - Shipped Straight from the Hatchery to your local Post Office

Available Only As Straight Run $6.99 each

15 Straight Run Giant White Pekin Ducklings / Free Shipping $104.85