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Black Australorps

Baby: Black with white underneath and small, white patches around the head and wings.

Mature: Black feathers with a greenish sheen. Bird is in strong demand by our Asian customers. Good brown egg layer. Bottoms of feet are all black.

Weight: Females 5.5 lbs.

Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Chicks

You may order a minimum of 5 of each breed/sex of egg layers to reach the 25 chick minimum.

Available Year Round - With Free Shipping to the Contiguous United States

Day Old - Shipped Straight from the Hatchery to your local Post Office

Straight Run $2.99 each - Pullets $3.49 each - Cockerels  $2.49 each

25 Straight Run Black Australorps / Free Shipping $74.75 

25 Pullet Black Australorps / Free Shipping $87.25 

25 Cockerel Black Australorps / Free Shipping $62.25

25 Straight Run Black Australorps / Free Shipping / Marek Immunization $81.00 

25 Pullet Black Australorps / Free Shipping / Marek Immunization $93.50 

25 Cockerel Black Australorps / Free Shipping / Marek Immunization $68.50